Teaching Emapthy – the Secret of Successful Relationships

Empathy is also the quintessential ‘people skill’. The vast majority of great leaders, teachers, parents, spouses and healthcare professionals have empathy in spades.

Why is empathy important?…

In a nutshell… if you can put yourself in another person’s shoes you can develop a better relationship with that person. And great relationships and the key to success in your business and home life.

If we can teach kids to be empathetic we offer them the secret key to successful relationships throughout their lives.

Kathryn Fox is uniquely placed. She has decades of experience studying and documenting human behaviour as a physician and bestselling author. So she understands how we work.

She is also a master at communicating with an engaging young audiences.  She incorporates interactive exercises and a unique storytelling approach which enthralls and entertains kids.

In Kathryn’s own words

‘The moment when the penny drops and a child understands the message behind the exercise is incredible. It’s like I’ve turned on the light to a new world.

Once children build skills in experiencing the feelings of others, they learn to be caring and compassionate, gain responsibility, and have a social conscience. Once they can relate positively in an empathetic way to others they can make a real difference in the world!”

Never ask what they're thinking again...