That might come in handy one day…

Posted by Kathryn Fox on March 21, 2014


There’s nothing we can do about genes or how we were parented, but we can choose to break the cycle. That involves understanding how our parents’ beliefs and views came about. In this blog post I look at the back-story to my Father’s destructive hoarding habit.

The Art of Receiving Gifts

Posted by Kathryn Fox on February 21, 2014

giving gifts Kathryn Fox

Are we really good at receiving gifts? In stories, we look at character’s motives. I often think we should do the same in life.

I remember when my son was a toddler, he would pick a daisy from our front yard every time we came home, and lovingly present it to me.

From Medicine to Storytelling

Posted by Kathryn Fox on February 18, 2014

from medicine to storytelling kathryn fox

How do you transition from medicine to storytelling? The answer is surprisingly simple…

Both involve compelling stories and mysteries. And medicine is really about solving those mysteries. Patients arrive in the surgery with a problem. Or a premise, if you like.

Never ask what they're thinking again...