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Private Sydney

Read an exclusive sneak peek of Kathryn’s upcoming thriller PRIVATE SYDNEY before it hits stores in August. Kathryn teams up with the world’s bestselling thriller writer James Patterson for the latest action-packed instalment of the PRIVATE series.

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Kathryn Fox is the author of the best selling novels Malicious Intent, Without Consent, Skin and Bone, Blood Born, Death Mask, Cold Grave and Fatal Impact

We asked Kathryn about the inspiration behind each novel

Malicious Intent

‘The title was inspired by the Dalai Lama, of all people!

I met him when I was sixteen and wondered what would happen if someone else with the same charisma, charm, intelligence and wit had malicious intent.

The story involves a manipulator who targets women with varying degrees of vulnerability. In Italy, it was retitled L’ Incantatori, which means, ‘”The Enchanter'”.’

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Without Consent

‘Without Consent involves the issue of gang rape, and who is ultimately responsible.

It draws on my knowledge and experience with sexual assault victims, and stories too often played out in the media.’

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Skin and Bone

‘Skin and Bone features Dr Anya Crichton’s best friend, Detective Kate Farrer, who returns to work after a traumatic event.

She is involved in an arson-homicide case that challenges and has her questioning her future. Kate Farrer is a fascinating character. Not someone I would want to have dinner with… but it was a wonderful way to delve into her backstory and find out what makes her tick.’

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Death Mask

‘Death Mask deals with the issues of male sports and the tribal mentality that too often accompanies it.

From club to professional level, Death Mask explores sexually inappropriate behaviour and how players are enabled and protected by management and fans. Meanwhile, victims are villified in the PR spin cycle to protect a multi billion dollar industry. At any cost.’

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Cold Grave

‘Cold Grave explores the issue of Cruise Ship Crime.

In fifteen years, nearly four hundred people have disappeared from Cruise ships. That does not include deaths on cruises. The families and friends of the missing have never known closure and never will.

Cold Grave is a fictional story that highlights some of the potential dangers on what are now floating cities. This was one of my favourite to write, thanks to murky legal waters and the thrill of going on a cruise.’

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Fatal Impact

‘Fatal Impact focuses on where our food comes from, and the interests behind what is produced and sold to consumers.

Genetically modified foods vs organic produce, governments approving sales of large blocks of agricultural land to overseas interests, and the potential for corruption. Of course, it’s fiction!

Why did this subject interest me? I love to eat, and it’s something we all do and often take for granted.

I chose Tasmania as the setting because so far, no GM crops have been allowed on the island. The idea of what would happen to the agricultural industry if crops did become contaminated was too good to resist.’

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Why do you write fiction, instead of non-fiction or true crime?

‘My books to date have been fiction. I’m an entertainer first and foremost and the novels are thrillers, meant to thrill. However, they’re also a great way to present multiple perspectives on topical and controversial issues.

Newspaper articles are brief and we don’t get a feel for the real stories and effects on those involved. I write ‘reality fiction’, which isn’t the contradiction some people assume. Great fiction is plausible and often realistic. That takes a lot of research and readers seem to appreciate it!

One person may be the victim of a crime, but many people suffer because of it. In medicine, I saw first hand the ripple effect of crimes throughout communities. Fictional crimes give more scope to unravel layers of a story. It also means I’m respecting, not exploiting real victims of crime.’

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