Blood Born by Kathryn Fox

blood born Kathryn FoxFor pathologist and forensic physician Dr Anya Crichton, the death of a gang rape victim hours before she is due to give evidence at trial is a double tragedy. The violent Harbourn brothers, the girl’s accused attackers, now look like they will escape prosecution.

But the Harbourns’ trail of destruction doesn’t end there. When two sisters are brutally assaulted and one of them is killed, Anya begins working round the clock to catch the Harbourns and nail their ringleader, the deviously clever Gary. With the help of Detective Kate Farrer and the surprise involvement of star litigator Dan Brody, she begins to discover just how twisted this family really is, and what they’re capable of.

In Dr Anya Crichton’s most difficult case yet, she must piece together the evidence before a killer’s attention is turned on her…

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‘BLOOD BORN has break neck plot with dramatic changes to the direction of the story about every chapter. The story rushes on at a very fast pace through many red herrings until the ultimate chapter and things may not end as expected!
You just have to read this novel It is absolutely fantastic and…moves like a whirlwind. More of this please.’


‘One of the best in the international forensic genre.’


‘This is a gritty pulse-racing thriller.’


‘The list of Kathryn Fox’s crime-writing peers who have praised her earlier novels-Malicious Intent, Without Consent and Skin and Bone-is impressive and includes Jeffrey Deaver and Lee Child. Fans of her gutsy protagonist Dr Anya Crichton, pathologist and forensic physician, will not be disappointed by this latest offering which is consistent with the author’s gripping, hard-hitting, not-for-the-squeamish style where bodies drop like flies.

In Blood Born, Fox-the medical practitioner with a penchant for forensics-incorporates elements of some of Australia’s most notorious crimes, details of which are well embedded in the nation’s psyche. When a gang rape victim dies hours before she is due to testify at a trial, it seems that the violent Harbourn brothers, her accused attackers, may walk free. A brutal assault of two sisters follows and, working with Detective Kate Farrer to solve the case, Dr Crichton becomes increasingly involved with the notorious Harbourn family and their powerful matriarch Noelene.

A shocking discovery made by Crichton’s litigator colleague complicates matters further and Crichton’s life is endangered. Proceding at an unrelenting, movie-like pace, Blood Born has everything crime readers have come to expect.’


Patricia Cornwell, creator of the popular series featuring medical examiner Dr. Scarpetta, has competition from Australian physician and writer, Dr. Kathryn Fox, whose forensic crime novels featuring pathologist, Dr. Anya Crichton, are on the cutting edge of medical thrillers. In Kathryn Fox’s latest work, ‘Bloodborn’ (Harper Books, 323 pages), Dr. Crichton is called in to examine surviving rape victim Sophie Goodwin, whose sister, Rachel, was raped and murdered in the same brutal attack by the Harbourn brothers. The Harbourn clan, a large family of sociopaths, is ruled by a murderous matriarch who skillfully manipulates the media and legal system to protect her brood of vipers. Anya Crichton is faced with her most demanding case as she must testify against the leader of the brothers, Gary Harbourn, who attempts an insanity plea to escape being held responsible for his vicious crimes. Faced with an extremely hostile judge, Dr. Crichton must summon all her skills to secure justice for the Goodwin sisters, the latest victims of the Harbourn boys. With a gut-wrenching plot and poignant subplots, Kathryn Fox surpasses Cornwell in creating drama in this fine medical thriller and the courtroom theatrics generate suspense reminiscent of the best novels of John Grisham. Kathryn Fox’s pen is sharper than ever and her ability to create compelling characters and evoke sympathy for crime victims is admirable. ‘Bloodborn’ is by far her best novel to date.


‘Not for the faint-hearted.. Fox’s writing keeps me coming back for more. This is a novel for readers who like their crime fiction gritty, suspenseful and surprising. She’ll be mentioned in the same breath as Karin Slaughter, Kathy Reichs and Patricia Cornwell.’


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